March 19, 2018

How to choose the best outdoor ceiling fan?

If you are looking for a way to make some changes to your house, outdoor ceiling fan could be one of those things to take into consideration. While it might not make drastic difference, it will likely lead to some bigger makeovers. Overhauling your entire home is not out of the question if you find some inspiration by making a slight change.


But if you haven’t had to deal with it before, you might be struggling with how to best approach this ceiling thingy. That is why it is important to know what are the most important aspects of such a device.


The number one is airflow capacity. It what makes or breaks the fan. If the CFM (Cubic Feet of Airflow per Minute) is high, then it will be easier to produce more wind, automatically reducing the need for stuff like air conditioner. The number you want is somewhere between 4 thousand and 7 thousand. The amount of money you can save just from the heat expenses will be incredible. Wattage is also something you should look out for. You have probably heard about the measure, especially if you had physics class in school.


The sound the fan makes can get pretty annoying. So it would be better to see it in action before committing to a purchase. And motor is one of the things that is responsible for the sound. Moreover, this part of the device also plays a role when you are trying to save even more money on stuff like maintenance. Ideally, reversible motor should be part of the package, and if it is, that further solidifies this as a worthy product.


Looking at the most popular brands is also an option. There are quite a few companies that have been manufacturing ceiling fans for years now. Among the best you have Hunter, Emerson, Monte Carlo, and Minka Aire. Most of these companies have been around for decades, some started as early as the nineteenth century. Research each and every one of these if you want to further improve your chances of landing the best possible fan.


Finally, make sure to look at what the different styles are. Quite a few exist, and everybody should be able to pick one that best suits their interest. Most individuals go with traditional or decorative style; others go with vintage models or something tropical. Different preferences mean that designers are coming up with interesting models every year, further increase the pool of choice.


All in all, as far as something like outdoor ceiling fan goes, you have more than enough different options. If you have made up your mind, then go for it.


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February 18, 2018

Black Screen for a Dark Room

Black screen...10 HOURS all night long sound of box fan white noise for blocking out noises and helping folks get to sleep all while keeping the room dark! Enjoy

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